Bermet red 0.5l

700 RSD

It is a sweet, fragrant, aromatic wine ... Today, the only original dessert wine in Serbia - bermet, can be found in the cellars of Fruška Gora, primarily in Sremski Karlovci. It is a sweet, fragrant, aromatic wine that resembles Italian vermouth, but is produced in a different way, by macerating more than 30 different herbs and spices. There are 30 herbs in red Bermet, and 15 in white, Bermet can be sipped cold, as an aperitif, or at room temperature as a dessert drink with cakes. In Sremski Karlovci, after a break of several decades, Bermet (white and red) is produced again. That Karlovac wine used to be drunk at the Austrian court, and Empress Maria Theresa also loved Bermet.